How To Do a Dominican Blow Out by the Hair Mentalist (Part 3)

Buenos Dias,

So by now you probably already know the drill. If not please check out How to do a Domincan Blow part 1 and part 2 as well as “Know Where Your Talents Lie..” and they will fill you in. Okay so we are on Step 6 in analyzing this video here:

So off we go!

Step 6: Part your hair (6:58) Divide a small section of your hair in the back and clip the rest up out of your way Step 7: Take the flat brush and run it along the section of hair left hanging down, quickly following with the blow dryer. (6:58) Using the same brush she was using at the end of step 5, slowly pull the brush through your hair to create tension and run the blow dryer against the hair shaft, blasting steam simultaneously. Notice how she holds the brush.  She uses her thumb to create the tension as she is pulling the brush through the hair. She has the brush on top of the hair and her thumb underneath the hair and then she pulls the hair through slowly following up with the dryer. Repeat this for the rest of your hair.

Step 8: Use a round brush and blow dryer on your hair section by section (7:16) Okay so this part of the video was very quick. But this is what I would suggest you do. Do step 7 and then go to step 8 on that same section. Then keep alternating step 7 and 8 on each section of hair until you have done all of your hair. Now, being as deficient as I am in hairstyling skills, using a round brush and a blow dryer together is not fun for me. I wind up with a tangled mess. But I think I know what I do wrong. I usually will take the round brush to the root of the section and then try curling it under and then it gets so tangled and I get frustrated.

Now, being as deficient as I am in hairstyling skills, using a round brush and a blow dryer together is not fun for me….But I think I know what I do wrong.

Notice how she never wraps the hair completely around the brush? That would be my downfall. I would try to wrap the hair all around the brush and then pull down. Big Mess! But if you start off slowly and start wrapping the hair about halfway around the brush and then pull down, it should be a lot easier. Then, you direct the nozzle of the blow dryer directly onto the brush as you are rotating it. Still sound too hard? You might want to try a hot air brush, which is a blow dryer inside a brush so you can do both at the same time.

Step 9: Flat Iron (8:42) Okay we are almost there. Now comes the last major step which is to flat iron your hair. You might find that you don’t need this step and that your hair is already straight enough. If you are relaxed, it may especially not be needed. However, if you’ve already done the blow dryer and you are finding that your hair is not as straight and bouncy as you want, then you will need to flat iron. Here the stylist is just using a simple chase method while she is flat ironing. She is using a wide tooth comb to do this and that just serves to make sure there aren’t any tangles in the hair. I kept looking at her flat iron but I didn’t know what kind it was but I felt like I had seen it before. Then I went to the website and then I remembered a flat iron that I had seen there that was a name brand I had never heard of before. The flat iron I believe she is using the KQC X-Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. .

The Flat Iron Evidence

1) They both have red plates.

2) They both have the red lettering on the outside.

3) They both have the indentations or ridges on the end closest to the plates. Also notice how the ridges are not even all the way across but are shorter on the outside and get longer in the middle.

4) Look at the end where the cord is. You will see they both have the red lettering/logo inside the circle where the clamps are connected to the cord.

5) Picture evidence. Compare the flat iron below to the one used in the video. What do you think?

Well that is my evidence. You be the judge. I do know that both of these flat irons get great reviews.

Step 10: Put on the finishing touches Once you’ve finished flat ironing your hair, you might want to use a finishing spray or a shine serum. You might want to part your hair down the side. You may want to wrap your hair. Whatever you do is up to you. Just as long as you work it! I hope ya’ll enjoyed my first Youtube video analysis. I also decided to keep with the Dominican blow out theme and did an article on the best Dominican salons around the country because I realize everyone is willing to do all the steps required for this look. So be on the look out for that soon.

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