How To Do a Dominican Blow Out (Part 1) by the Hair Mentalist

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If you read my last post called “Know Where Your Talents Lie….” then you will know by the title of this post what this post is about. Dominican blow outs have blown up (no pun intended) in the past few years among black women here in America. One of my friends told me about Dominican blow outs and so, like I do with almost anything, I did some research (I’m notorious for that) about them.

Then I saw this video:

I couldn’t believe how straight her hair got because I was sitting there the whole time thinking, yeah right. Well, skeptical me was proven so wrong but reading through the comments below the video I could see I wasn’t the only one.

I could also see that people had a lot of questions about how to do a Dominican blow out, so I’m going to go step by step and explain in detail what she is doing and products and tools she might be using. Shall we begin?

Step One: Wash and Condition Hair (0:00 :))

This step is of course very obvious. You definitely want clean hair when you are using this much heat on your hair. It might be a good idea to clarify your hair so when you condition your hair, it will coat your hair more thoroughly.

It is a also a good (or great) idea to do a deep moisturizing conditioning treatment for about 20 or 30 minutes. You want your hair to be in the best condition it can be in when you start using those heat styling tools.

Step 2: Roller Set your Hair (1:28)

The reason you want to roller set your hair and not go straight into blow drying your hair is because roller setting your hair will stretch your hair hair so that it is much much easier to straighten out later.

Now, I’m sure you noticed that she is using some kind of white creamy substance in her hair as she is de-tangling it with a fine toothed comb

It is very important that you use magnetic rollers for your roller sets because when your hair is wet it very much acts like a magnet to the roller which makes it easier for the hair to stay on the roller.

I feel my hair gets straighter and smoother when I use magnetic rollers with their smooth surface as opposed to mesh/wire rollers which sometimes leaves my hair crinkley.

And you will want to make sure the rollers you get are sized according to how long your hair is. If your hair is short, do not get the jumbo rollers. And don’t forget the metal clips!

Now, I’m sure you noticed that she is using some kind of white creamy substance in her hair as she is de-tangling it with a fine toothed comb ( I know this is considered a no no on natural hair but the cream is making the comb go through very easily. I would not try this without using a moisturizer with lots of slip). I believe that it is a leave in conditioner of some sort but I don’t know what kind because she put it in her hair before she started rolling it.  However, I do have some ideas :).

Here are some possible leave in conditioners that this hairstylist is using:
Silicon Mix Intensive Leave in Hair Shine and Conditioner

Salerm 21 Leave in Conditioner

Star Lacio Lacio High Shine Leave in Hair Conditioner

These are all popular leave in conditioners used by Dominican hairstylists.

Now keep in mind that I don’t know if any of these are what she used on that woman’s hair or if these products are good because I have not used them. However, most of the women that have used these rave about them.

If you don’t want to buy a new leave in conditioner and you are happy with the one you use now then by all means use that one for your roller set but use a product that is creamy and has slip, so if you use a spray leave in, you will want to try something else for this blow out.

….there have been rumors of some Dominican hairstylists mixing relaxer with their conditioner….

*Warning: If all of this already seems like too much work and you want to instead go to a Dominican salon to get it done please go to one that has been recommended by someone you trust or it has good reviews. And do NOT be afraid to ask them questions. If they give you attitude then walk out.

Why am I being so dramatic? Because there have been rumors of some Dominican hairstylists mixing relaxer with their conditioner when they are doing blow outs on naturals who may have difficult to straighten hair. I don’t know if they do this during the regular conditioning or if it is in the leave in conditioner.

All I know is that I have heard of this more than once. Curly Nikki and Clutch have covered this issue. Clutch includes some good questions to ask your stylist before you let them work on your hair. And if you feel anything is suspicious, you should probably walk out because anyone who would do that is deceptive and probably wouldn’t tell you the truth anyway if you asked. Warning Over*

Okay so this is already getting quite long so I’m going to break this up into a 3 or maybe 4 part series…I’m not quite sure yet but the next part will be out tomorrow so be sure to check back to see the next few steps. I’ll also reveal one type of blow dryer I think they use for Dominican blow outs so stay tuned.

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