How To Do a Dominican Blow Out by the Hair Mentalist (Part 2)

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I’m just going to jump right back into it. Check out How to do a Dominican Blow Out part one and Know Where Your Talents Lie if you haven’t already. This is a the Hair Mentalist (that is, me) doing an analysis of a video (that is, the one below)

….and we are on step 3. The previous post contain steps 1 and 2.

Step 3: Remove rollers(2:40)

However, before you remove the rollers, you have to be absolutely sure that your hair is dry. Don’t just feel a few sections of hair in the front that gets the most direct heat and then declare that they are all dry. Feel the back part of your hair that can sometimes get the least amount of heat, depending on the kind of hooded dryer you have.

Step 4: Massage “mysterious” cream into hair (3:54)

Oh how I tried to see what it was that she put in her hair but all in I don’t think it matters so much what she put in her hair but  more like how much she put in her hair.

Did you see how she just barely dipped her finger inside the jar? And then she massaged it into her clients hair from root to tip. You don’t want to use a lot of product at all because that can weigh the hair down which takes away from the “swing swing” which Dominican blow outs are famous for.

Oh and you don’t want to use oil on your hair at all. I repeat, NO oil on your hair at this point because once you start using all of that heat, it can start to burn the heck out of your hair. Don’t do it.

Even though I don’t know what type of cream the hairstylist used I have some suggestions. You could use a small amount of any type of moisturizer, homemade or store bought.

Or if you have some type of cream that helps straighten your hair like a relaxing balm (Alterna hemp straightening balm is one that I love) you could use that to help you get your hair as straight as possible.

One thing that I would suggest you do even though it wasn’t shown on the video is to use a heat protectant . You don’t need to use a lot but I would spray some sort of protectant lightly into the hair because that is a lot of heat that you will be putting on your hair. And sure the protectant has dried before going on to the next step.

Step 5: Start blowing out hair with dryer and flat brush (4:30)

The two main things I will discuss in this section are: the tools she is using and the technique she is using.

The Brush

I don’t know for 100% sure but I have a very very good idea of what type of brush she is using. At first, I had no idea but I kept looking at it and it looked so familiar. Then the more I looked at it, the more I realized how similar the design of the brush was to my two Denman brushes. Now I am about 98.99% sure that the first brush is a Denman.

The Evidence

1) The ends of the brush: The rounded curves of the handle are so similar to mine….the other end of the brush has the same design as my Denman. It has that line going down the middle, with the classic dome shape that Denmans are famous for. (6:12)

2) Look at the rubber base of the brush.

3) Look at the faded name on the back of the brush. I’ve had my Denman for some years and I know that the lettering comes off easily and I know I don’t use mine half as much as they do. Which is why there is no name on the back anymore.

4) The Denman brush is known to be used by professionals because of it’s quality and it seems that the hairstylists in these salons use high quality styling tools, as I will show when I talk about the blow dryer and flat iron later on.

5) Picture evidence:

Here are pictures of my Denman brushes…click on them to get a better look

Link to a picture of the brush the hairstylist might be using.

Well, that’s my evidence. I don’t know if I’ve convinced you but hopefully you can see where I’m coming from. I’m almost certain that it is the Denman D3m looking at the bristles of her brush and the one in the link. What do you think?

The Blow Dryer

I also believe I have figured out which blow dryer she is using. It looks a lot like this blow dryer here called Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 RED.

The Evidence

1) Look at the black button in the middle of where the base of the blow dryer and the head/nozzle connect. Compare that to the one in the link above.

2) Look at how faded the blow dryer is, especially on the handle. This is one of the complaints that a user had about this blow dryer. Seems to be very true.

3) The shape and design are pretty much the same

4) I’ve seen other people also say that this is the blow dryer that their Dominican hairstylists use. Some also use the Twinturbo 3500 Professional Hair Dryer because it is more lightweight than the red one. Both are truly professional grade hair dryers.

Convinced? If you are and you do decide to buy this blow dryer then please note that it gets very hot so be careful. There are different heating settings so you may want to work your way up to the high heat setting, if at all. Oh and the nozzles come with both of the blow dryers so you don’t have to buy a separate one that may or may not fit.

The Technique

I noticed that the hairstylist was using three different techniques in this part of the video:

Technique 1 (5:12): She runs the brush through the clients hair first to create tension and then quickly follows it with the blow dryer. This is a different variation of the chase method used with flat irons.

Technique 2 (4:52): Holds the brush taut against the head, so the hair stays stretched then runs the concentrator repeatedly against the stretched hair while blasting what looks like steam from the blow dryer.

I do not know how she gets the steam to come out like that. I don’t know if there is a steam function on the dryer or if there is some trick that she uses to get it to come out. I know that there is a cool button. I wonder if she knows how to manipulate the hot and cold buttons together to create the steam. It does seem like she is pushing a button when there is more steam coming out.

Technique 3 (6:17): Brushes the hair from the front and as she is brushing she runs the blow dryer nozzle underneath the section of hair she is brushing.  See in the video how she holds the nozzle underneath and the brush on top and the hair is in the middle of the two and then runs the two through the hair? That really gets all of the hair smooth and straight.

*At 6:37 she uses a different brush. This also looks like a Denman brush but I am not sure at all nor do I know what kind it would be. Although I’m sure there is a very good reason why she is using that brush you could probably still use the other Denman brush at this part of the process too.

Okay so once again this has gotten very long. Much longer than I anticipated. So I will pick up in the next post where this one left off, with step 6. I may be able to finish it off this part of the series and reveal what type of flat iron I believe the hairstylist is using.

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