The Tangle Teezer?

Hey Ya’ll,

Have ya’ll heard about a brush called The Tangle Teezer? I haven’t heard about it until today but I plan on going out today to see if I can find it. They have it Sally Beauty Supply and Amazon and this is what it looks like…

I’ve been hearing great things about it so I can’t wait to try it. It is supposed to make your hair so easy to detangle and make you lose so much less hair which I’m always looking to do. Right now I have my “caramel” treatment in my hair (more about that later). I’m going to work out, wash my hair, put conditioner on my hair and leave it in my hair for a few hours. And while I’m deep conditioning, I’m going to run out to Sallys and buy the Tangle Teezer if they have it and let ya’ll know how it works.

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