I Did Not Get the Tangle Teezer :( But…..

What’s up ya’ll,

So as you can tell from the title I did NOT get the Tangle Teezer from Sally Beauty Supply like I hoped because they did not have the Tangle Teezer. Instead I got this comb called the Tangle Tamer which was way cheaper than the Tangle Teezer and probably works just as well. Here is a pic of what i got at Sally’s…

So just in case that is hard for some of ya’ll to read I got:
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner

The best conditioner I’ve ever used

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Gloss & Shine Polisher

This is very very light and makes my hair very soft

Krest Tangle Tamer Curved Tooth Detangler

I have not used this yet but when I do I will let ya’ll know how I liked it.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil Styling Cream

I haven’t really used this but I think it will work for me.  I will share a secret with yall in another post…but shhhh! It’s kind of bad lol.

I forgot to tell ya’ll that I exchanged the products listed below in order to get the products listed above (hopefully that made sense :)):

Roux Porosity Control and Correcter

Did not make my hair soft like some people reported but did make it stronger…however, I can do the same thing with molasses and yogurt for a lot cheaper.

Ion Inspired by Nature Luxury Shampoo

Striped my hair of all luxury and moisture

Silk Elements Mixed Silk Leave-In Conditioner

It wasn’t horrible but it is not for my hair type…however, if you like the brand Mixed Chicks you might like this and it is cheaper I’m sure.

Alright that is all for now. I will be back soon and I will tell ya’ll how the new products worked for me.



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