Unexpected Benefit of Aloe Vera Juice and Gel for Natural Hair

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If you read the ingredients of many natural hair care products you might see aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel. I know that I was seeing aloe vera juice and or gel in a lot of different hair products but I never knew why or how that would benefit my hair. So eventually my curiosity got the better of me and I finally had to know what this ingredient did to increase the health of the hair.  And so I went to google and typed in “benefits of aloe vera juice hair” to find websites that would tell me why this ingredient is used so much. I found out that aloe vera juice can do the following:

Increase hair growth
Moisturize your hair
Decrease frizz
Smoothes Hair
Soothes Irritated Scalp
Decreases Dandruff

When i found all of this out, I was completely sold. An all natural product that does all of these things? Shoot, sign me up, right? So I decided that some time in the near future that I would definitely be purchasing some aloe vera juice.

When i found all of this out, I was completely sold

So I bought it and I used it a few times with a few other new products I had and I didn’t really like the results so I  quickly forgot what all the benefits of aloe vera juice were and I stopped using it.
Then one day i decided to do a braid out, using my diagnostic hair testing method, using rosewater on one section, glycerin on another section and you guessed it, aloe vera juice on another section.

when I unraveled the section with aloe vera I fell in love with it

When I undid the section done with rosewater, I did not like it at all, so that product is out for using it on my hair. Then I used unbraided the glycerin section, that too was a wash and I haven’t used that on my hair since (it’s great for my face though). However, when I unraveled the section with aloe vera I fell in love with it. My hair was very soft and it just felt good and truly moisturized.
But then I did a little shake of my head and I noticed that the only braid that moved was the one that I had used aloe vera juice on. All of my other braid were as stiff as the tree planted by the water. But that one braid alone had movement and life and I knew without a doubt that the aloe vera juice was the reason for that due to the hair product testing procedure I’ve described in another post. The juice makes my hair so moisturized that it hangs down with weight instead of sticking out like a dry twig on a tree in the middle of summer.

It gives me that swang swang with my natural hair which I had never had.

So that is my unexpected benefit from aloe vera juice. It gives me that swang swang with my natural hair which I had never had. aloe vera gel makes my hair even more weighted down with moisture. All in all, aloe vera juice and gel are my hair’s best friend right now and I love them dearly. You should really try them.
What product have you used recently that rocked your socks off? That made you fall in love? Let me know in the comment below. Don’t forget to comment, subscribe, and tell your friends about naturallyrelaxedhair.com. I appreciate it!

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