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Pop Quiz: Do You Know How to Stop Hair Breakage and Prevent Damage

What’s up,

It’s time for another quiz. This time I want to see how much ya’ll know about hair breakage. If you

want to grow your hair long, you HAVE to know about hair breakage because you will not be able to retain any hair length if your hair keeps breaking. If you look in my sideebar, you will see a link to one of my favorite treatments to stop hair

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Hair Breakage Must Haves for Strong Hair


If you are fighting in this war against hair breakage then there are certain things you must have in your hair breakage arsenal. As I told you before, hair breakage is a world wide epidemic (tongue-in-check, of course :)) and if you are a victim, you must decide to get serious about it, especially if you dream of having long and flowing hair one day.

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Hair Breakage Becomes World Wide Epidemic

The incidents of hair breakage, or what is also called HB, has increased worldwide. It is estimated that 1 in 5 people suffer from hair breakage which is up from last year’s reports of 1 in 8.

Though the increased usage of flat irons, curling irons, relaxers, and blow dryers have been the most egregious contributors to this world wide epidemic, other little known factors have come into play:

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