Too Many Protein Treatments on My Hair!

Hey Everyone,

I think I messed up. I know that coconut oil has a lot of protein which is what I put on my hair last night. Then this morning I put a fake caramel treatment which was a mixture of organic full fat yogurt and molasses. And I know that yogurt also has a lot of protein. I left it on my hair for a few hours then I washed it out. The last time I did a yogurt/molasses treatment my hair was very soft so I’m thinking that coconut oil treatment that I did the night before was way too much protein for my natural hair.

But on the plus side, my hair does feel stronger. However, I’m going to have to do a lot of deep moisturizing to get my hair back to where I want it to be. I plan on deep conditioning my hair overnight with Organic Root Stimulator conditioner and then steaming my hair in the morning. Unfortunately, it usually takes a minute to restore the softness back into my hair when I’ve done a protein treatment.

Note to self: Do not use two protein products in quick succession….duh

Please learn from my mistakes 🙂

More later,


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