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If you are fighting in this war against hair breakage then there are certain things you must have in your hair breakage arsenal. As I told you before, hair breakage is a world wide epidemic (tongue-in-check, of course :)) and if you are a victim, you must decide to get serious about it, especially if you dream of having long and flowing hair one day.

I do dream of having long hair again (I owe co-washing for getting me thus far) like I did when I was relaxed. So I decided to stock up on some hair breakage essentials. Here’s what I got and why I feel they are a must have for every black women, relaxed or natural.

Item#1: Satin Pillow Cover

For some strange reason I  never owned one of these. However, since one of my new years hair resolutions is to decrease hair breakage and protect my ends, I knew it was time to get one.

Why do you need Satin Pillowcases?

Cotton Pillowcases do two terrible thins to your hair:

1) Suck moisture right out of your hair. So if you have been diligent about moisturizing your hair at night but then you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, then the pillowcase is probably receiving more benefits from the moisture than your hair is.

2) If the cotton pillowcase is soaking the moisture from your hair then it is leaving your hair dry which leads to….HAIR BREAKAGE!! ARRGH. Definitely not what we want.

Where can I get satin pillowcases?

Amazon, beauty supply stores, maybe Dillard’s or Sears although I suspect those would be quite expensive. Check around for the best deal.

Item #2: Satin Bonnet Cap

Even though haven’t owned a satin pillowcase, I have owned many a satin bonnet or scarf.

Why do I need a Satin Scarf/Bonnet?
As time went on, I found that my bonnets started tearing at the elastic, or the strings you tie it with get lost some where down inside the cap. So this is when I decide to invest in another scarf which is what I did last Friday.

Another issue I was having with my scarf is that when I went to bed, it fit firmly around my head but when I work up it was on the floor, on the pillow, behind the headboard ( I think I’m a wild sleeper).

So here I am thinking my hair is all protected and my hair is not even a little bit covered (this is another reason why it is a good idea to have a satin pillowcase, so you can have a backup if your satin scarf does come off in the night). If any of these scenarios have happened to you then you can probably see why a satin/silk scarf is essential to have on when you are sleeping.

Where can I get one?
Amazon, Sally Beauty Supply or any beauty supply store.

Item #3: Magnetic Rollers

I also had some of these but the ones I already had were too big to use on my now short natural hair. So I downsized but I’m afraid that these will also be a bit to large until my hair grows out some more. But nevertheless…

Why do I need these?

Magnetic rollers are not as essential as a satin pillowcase or scarf I will admit. However, I hear over and over again how women, relaxed and natural, have grown their hair out using rollersets and how healthy there hair has become. It is hard to have long and healthy hair and have hair breakage.

This is why I believe roller sets work. One of the most important tips to remember when you are roller setting is to keep your hair as wet as possible because this ensures that you will get the smoothest set possible. And most of the time, when you roller set your hair, you will add an oil or butter to seal your hair, while it is still wet or very damp, so all of that moisture is being sealed into your hair.

It used to be that I would dry my hair and then add oil to it after all the water had already evaporated from my hair. Doing a roller set with your hair wet and then sealing with the oil and rolling it, helps your hair retain more moisture than it would if you blow dried your hair straight out of the shower. Even if you blow dry your hair after your roller set like you might with a Dominican blowout, your hair should still be in a healthier state then blow drying alone.

Perhaps I’ve made my case?

Where can I get magnetic rollers?

I feel like I’m being redundant here but really the same places that you can get the pillowcase and scarf…Amazon, Sally Beauty or any local beauty supply store. Oh, and I would recommend getting metal hair clips
with the rollers because they have to be secured in some way.

So these are just the latest arrivals to my hair breakage arsenal. I will continue to post about different things I use to combat hair breakage, why you should have it, where you can get it… know the drill.

What are your essential hair breakage products? Tell us what you think!

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