Why I love Creme of Nature Shampoo Review

Okay ya’ll,

If you read my first post, then you would have seen the pictures of my four favorite products in the world. In case you missed it, my favorite products are:

Favorite Shampoo: Creme of Nature, Old School Formula

Favorite Conditioner: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Replenishing Pak (but I just bypass that and get the whole bottle)

Favorite Hair Oil: Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

Favorite All Around: One’n Only Argan Oil

But in this post I want to talk about why I love Creme of Nature. I cannot even tell you how many different shampoos I have tried. Probably a million. Maybe more. But I ALWAYS come back to this. No lie.

It doesn’t matter if I am natural, transitioning, or relaxed. This stuff is one of my hair’s best friend. However, as much as  I love it, for some reason I always have this urge to try something different. So I’ve tried Aphogee, a generic Pureology from Sally Beauty, Skala, Aussie Moist, Organix, Pantene, Renpure, Bioinfusion…do I need to go on?

Let me tell you what all of these products did to my hair. Stripped it dry. My hair was clean but I don’t see why clean hair has to be stripped of all moisture and natural oils. And to my surprise, it didn’t matter if the shampoo had Sodium Laureth Sulfate or not, it still did not work for my hair.

I was sure that if I could find a sulfate free shampoo, then it wouldn’t dry out my hair. Lie number one. My hair was just as stripped using shampoos without sulfates as it was using shampoos with it (this does not mean I am pro sulfates).

But all of this begs the question….why did I keep trying new shampoos if I already found one I liked?

1) I got taken in by the hype I would read about new products on different black hair forums saying that this new (or old)  product was the bomb and that it worked miracles on their hair. Then everyone would chime in and say how wonderful it was for them so of course, what would I do? Go out and buy that magical shampoo, only to take it back to the store a week later after having to sit under the  hair dryer with conditioner on my hair for 30 minutes, trying to replenish some of the moisture that had been sucked out of my hair from my new mystical shampoo. When will I ever learn?

2) I was drawn in by the bright and shiny packaging Yes, hair companies, the way you package your products can affect whether or not I want to buy your shampoo. Can you believe some people are that gullible *raises hand*? It’s just that…sometimes that bottle is so cute…or so sleek…or so unique that I just have to have it hanging in my shower caddy.

Don’t ask me why, I just do. So, I know we all want to do our part in helping the economy but, put your money away. Walk around the store. In fact, walk to the other side of the store. If you still want it when you are ready to check out then go ahead and get it (read the label first). However, for me, most of the time I either a) forget to go back and get it or b) I’m too lazy to walk to the other side of the store and pick it up. Either way, it shows that i really didn’t want it and definitely didn’t need it. Saving $5 here and there really adds up.

3) I didn’t read the ingredients on the label When I say to read the label, I mean read the ingredients. Just like reading a food nutrition label, pay close attention to the ingredients. It is probably the most truthful part of both labels. Shampoo may claim to grow your hair 10 inches in two days but if none of the ingredients in the cleanser have ever been known to grow hair, then they are misleading you.

4) I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find the old school formula anymore. This is probably the biggest reason why I have tried so many new shampoos. It’s just like when I actually find a t.v. show that I like and they cancel it. I find a shampoo I like and they decided to give it a “new” and “improved” formula, that has sulfates in it. Whateve. But, I have found other places that carry the old version of Creme of Nature shampoo and I still have some pretty big bottles left so I’m good for a while.

I will admit that I have not tried the new version of Creme of Nature but really doubt (like majorly) that it is better than the old one. For the life of me I can’t understand why they would change something so perfect and beautiful but alas they did and maybe in time I will find another shampoo as awesome as this one but until then Creme of Nature shall always remain my first love.

Creme of Nature shampoo is a part of my hair regimen. Create your own hair regimen by downloading my free guide.



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