Learning to Love Your Hair: The Snowball Effect


Hey Ya’ll,

Look, I feel your pain. I’ve been there. I still AM there at times. It’s like ARGGGHH! When is my hair finally going to do what I want it to do? They say hair is dead but I don’t believe it because mine has a mind of it’s on. And it used to do things that I didn’t want it to do far more often than it did things I did want it to do. Since I’ve transitioned and become almost 97% natural (I just made that up…really have no clue) I’ve learned some things that have taken my strong willed hair and beaten it into submission like you sometimes have to do to bad children (j/k..maybe :)).

My hair was a natural disaster (pun intended)

But for a while there, I was sure that I was going to have to go back to a perm*. I felt there was no way that I could sustain my hair in its desert-like state. My hair was a natural disaster (pun intended). And it made me want to give up. It made me want to give up sooo bad but when you have been transitioning for 6 months you hate to turn back and let all that time go to waste. So I kept going and without warning my once” brittle, dry, ain’t no comb going through this mess wet or dry” hair becomes more of a “well this isn’t so bad and in fact I’m really starting to like this hair” hair…and then before you know it, it’s become “Man I really like, almost borderline love my hair and all the things it can do” hair. Eventually, I’d like to get “my hair is off the chain” hair.

The Snowball Effect

This is called the snowball effect. It is so frustrating in the beginning. Trust me on this. But if you really want to be natural DON”T GIVE UP! It will get better. You do not have the hair that just won’t get soft or can’t retain moisture or can’t be beautiful. I just don’t believe it. So what is it that you need more of? Knowledge, patience, and time. That’s it. You need to learn how to care for your hair and then you need to be patient and give your hair time to get gorgeous. It won’t happen overnight And that’s okay because in time, as you start getting into a routine, you won’t even remember why it is that you disliked your hair so much in the first place. The snowball effect.

My Relaxer Issue

* Okay so perms relaxers whatever you want to call them I am so not against them. And in fact I hate any of the silly dissensions I see between relaxeds and naturals because we can do whatever the heck we want to our hair…shave half of it off, shave it all off, get a weave down to the floor, dye it green, whateve. However, a relaxer didn’t work for me. Why didn’t it work for me? Lack of knowledge. I was so ignorant about relaxed hair when I first got it that by the time I had some sense, my hair was so damaged, see through, and limp that it was just easier to transition into my natural hair and not deal with my scraggly relaxed ends anymore. I’m so glad I did that but if I had the knowledge then that I have now my relaxed hair would have been off the hook but alas it was not.

I hate any of the silly dissensions I see between relaxeds and naturals because we can do whatever the heck we want to our hair

Now that I’ve gone natural, my hair is so thick and it can be so soft that I just can’t stop touching it. I don’t have broken hairs all over my floor anymore like I did when I was relaxed. And the versatility. Oh man, I love it. I can straighten it, curl it, leave it curly/coily. Whatever I want. Don’t worry. You will get there, too. You’ll experience the snowball effect. And It’s so worth the wait.

And something that will really help you is having a hair regimen so be sure to download my free guide 7 Ingredients to the Perfect Hair Regimen so you can create the perfect one for you.



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