Natural Hair Anxiety Part 2

What’s Up Ya’ll,

Yesterday, I talked about having what I call natural hair anxiety and I promised that I would tell you about my experience at work the first time I wore my natural hair out.DSC02763

The first time my natural hair made its debut, I had it in an afro puff or a pony puff. I just had it pulled back without it being tucked into a bun. I felt like this was a good way to ease my way into wearing my hair in its natural state and I must say that  the initial reactions that I got were either positive or were out of some sort of curiosity. So, I felt very empowered and decided to wear my hair like that for the rest of the week.

Then one day, later that same week, I was sitting at my desk and this woman who visits my department decided to choose this particular week, the one that coincided with the first week I wore my natural hair out, to tell me (and I quote) “You look rough today”.

Okay hold up, wait a minute. Say what? Really? Did you really just say that to me? And if that wasn’t bad enough, she decided to elaborate. She went on to say that “You look like you’ve had a rough week”, as if she was trying to turn it into some kind of  concern for my emotional well being and not a crack on how I looked.

Hmmmm….a rough week, you say? After, I gave her a look or should I say the look, I made sure she knew I didn’t appreciate what she said.

Okay hold up, wait a minute. Say what? Really? Did you really just say that to me?

Now maybe I was reaching but it happened the same week and the very first week that I wore my natural hair out. Do you think this was  a coincidence or was there some kind of underlying meaning there? Have you had a similar experience where you were left wondering what a certain comment meant in relation to your natural hair? Let me know and be sure to come back tomorrow to find out what kind of reaction I got at church. Oh and by the way, me and this woman are still friends 🙂

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