My New Free Flat Ironing Ebook and How Evia Inspired Me

Hey ya’ll,

I have to take a moment to be a bit of a fan girlie right now because I honestly don’t believe that

a) I would have a blog


b) I would have written my book

if Evia had not inspired me to do both. I’ve been reading her blog for a long time and she, like I know she has done for many others, has given me a completely new outlook on life.

First of all, I probably would not have even known what a blog was before I started reading hers. And then when I started reading all of her common sense advice on how black women can have their best life, I was so amazed by how much insight she had. She does not just look at things from her point of view but she really looks at the whole picture which is what most people don’t do.

She really gets what most people do not…that’s its not all about her and the path that she has followed. She knows that many black women are not following a life of common sense and are suffering horrible consequences as a result. Instead of saying black women are fine because she was living a good life, she looked outside of herself and saw the terrible choices many black women were making and wanted to help them, even when they didn’t want to help themselves and even though she had many detractors

How Evia Inspired Me

The thing is with me is that I haven’t really made those bad choices that Evia talks about on her blog. She expanded the views I already had on life and gave them more depth but making bad choices wasn’t an issue for me. Making the best choices, however, was where my issues lied. Now it’s not enough to just make decent decisions. Evia inspires me to want to make the best choices in my life. That’s why I’m constantly thinking how I can make this blog better for the readers.  I mean, if you don’t have readers for your blog then what do you really have?

My Free Ebook, The Most Fabulous Flat Iron Guide This Side Of France

I also wouldn’t have completed my book, at least at this point, without the program that Evia created for her readers. Th

e goalspedia program really kept me focused on accomplishing my goals. I had wanted to finish my book in December but I would always have an excuse as to why I would work on it later. Oh, I need to take the dog out…..ummm,  I need to workout….I’m going out tonight…blah blah blah. Why any of these things keep you from writing a book I don’t know but I can come up with some dumb excuses when I want to procrastinate.

Completing my goals

So I made finishing my book one of my goals for the month of February and I did not want to have any excuses. I didn’t want to look back and feel defeated for not doing it b/c I really  had no real reason I couldn’t. And I didn’t want to disappoint myself or Evia b/c she didn’t have to be spending her time encouraging me but she did and I didn’t want it to be for not. Basically, Evia just rocks and she’s helped me more than she knows and I want to to thank her sincerely for all that she’s done for me and the other black women who have allowed her message to sink in and permeate their lives. We are all better for it.

And because Evia always wants us to always be at our best I wanted my book to be at it’s best. The Most Fabulous Flat Iron Guide This Side Of France is my free gift to you. It’s the most comprehensive guide to buying a flat iron that I’ve ever seen. Actually it’s the only flat iron buying ebook that I’ve ever seen. Which is why i wrote it because it didn’t exists.

Now ask yourself….Do you really want to keep buying flat irons that are poorly made and making companies rich that don’t even make good products? I don’t know about you but I am sick of paying people who already have money for things that don’t work that well.

What My Flat Ironing Ebook Is All About

That was my intention with my new ebook…to save you time and money. I put all the flat ironing terms I could find and explained what they mean because for years I was confused on what some of them meant. I did in depth research on the most popular flat irons so I could tell you what the owners really think of them….then if the flat iron sucked, I gave a comparable alternative.

Of course I had to make it a little silly cause I get bored writing it if it’s not creative in some way and I suspect ya’ll would get bored reading it that way too. It’s not a dissertation. It’s a quick, fun, informative, 27 page (check), easily scannable free ebook that you can get if you become a nrh subscriber. You can jump ahead to the to whatever section you want. You can read whatever you want from the book.

I just want you to be able to find the information that you are looking for, in it. I will be stoked (yes I said stoked lol) if you looked high and low for something about flat irons and you couldn’t find it anywhere except in my book. That’s awesome to me because I really love helping people. So if you are in the market for a flat iron, it’s a no brainer…you must read this book. Or if you are looking for tips on how to use a flat iron, you should read this book.

How To Get The E-Book

It’s simple. Just fill out the form on this page and you will be sent an email with a link to the ebook. That’s it.

I do ask that if you find the book to be useful and you want to share it with people (and please do), that you send them to this post first so they can sign up for the book. That way I can keep better track of who is reading it.



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