Coming out of the Closet: Natural Hair Anxiety

5DSC02755Dearest Readers, First off, I want to apologize for my unexpected hiatus. I had my wisdom teeth taken out and that turned into dry sockets. In addition to that, I’ve been working ferverishly on my ebook called “The Most Fabulous Flat Iron Guide This Side of France” (you have to read the book to understand the title), which is now finished and available to all of my email subscribers for free, so be sure to subscribe to my email list. The subscription box is just on the right side of this post. And speaking of flat irons, if you are natural but you are using your flat iron faithfully every week then I have a question for you. Do you have natural hair anxiety. What I mean is, are you nervous about wearing your natural natural hair out in public? Are you afraid everyone will stare at you or that people will have negative comments about it? If you are, then do not feel bad. I had this natural hair anxiety too. Just the thought of wearing my natural hair out made me nervous. When I first started transitioning, I strictly wore buns because I was not ready for the world to see me like that. And forget doing the big chop. I transitioned as long as I could and just did little chops along the way. Sometimes, we as black women have such drama filled relationships with our hair. I know drama with your hair can transcend to all races but it can go extra deep for us sometimes because we not only have to fight our own demons with our hair but other people’s issues with natural hair as well. So it can be a bit overwhelming to think about wearing a twist out or a wash and go. It’s like bearing a piece of our soul or telling a deep dark secret. Okay so maybe it’s not always that deep but trust me you are not alone in your feelings, whatever you are feeling. I don’t know why it has to be so complex sometimes or why I made it so complex. I did finally where my natural hair “out”, by the way. Tomorrow you will hear about the reaction I got at work the first time my natural hair made an appearance and how it was received the second time it made an appearance. Then the next day I will talk about my reaction the first time I wore it out at church. I had some surprising reactions, to say the least Til Then,


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