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Natural Hair Anxiety Part 3

Hola Ya’ll,

Picking up where I left off yesterday, I’m now going to tell you what happened when I where my natural hair at work.

So I decided to wear my natural hair out out. Like really out, for the very first time. The night before, I did a twist out using my trusted aloe vera juice and some other products that I don’t remember (sorry). When I took them down the next morning I was this close to just pulling my hair back into a ol’ boring bun because I wanted something safe. I felt so apprehensive that it was ridiculous. What was wrong with me?

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Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair w/o Big Chop

Question: How do you go from relaxed hair to natural hair without the big chop?

Answer: This is a question that I’ve seen asked a lot. People are apprehensive and scared about going natural and can get especially nervous about doing the so called “Big Chop”. The big chop is when let your natural hair grow out, for weeks, months, or maybe a year, and then cut off the relaxed part of your hair and so you can become completely natural. The period while you are waiting for your hair natural hair to grow out is called transitioning. Once you have done the big chop, you have fully transitioned into natural hair.

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