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About me


Bobi in New Orleans

What is this blog about?

This blog is all about relaxed and natural hair care. Many blogs will choose to either discuss natural or relaxed hair but I wanted to talk about both  and I’m doing the same thing. because I am natural now but because I was so ignorant about taking care of relaxed hair for most of the time that I had it, I wanted to help other women out there who have relaxed hair and are struggling with it like I once did. This blog will seek to teach you what I’ve learned in this long hair care journey and answer the questions I know people are asking about their relaxed or natural (or transitioning) hair.

Okay so I left the paragraph that I wrote some time ago to show you why this website is called naturallyrelaxedhair.com. Originally I was going to talk about relaxed and natural hair but as you can see, that has changed. I have nothing against relaxed hair but now I know it’s better to focus on natural hair because that is the life I’m living right now. I do think the posts here could help women with relaxed hair but natural hair will be the main priority. Things change, know what I mean Verne lol?

What kinds of posts will I see on naturallyrelaxedhair.com?

Okay, I get bored writing the same kinds of posts over and over and I figure if I get bored writing them then you’ll get bored reading them.

So, you’ll see all kinds of different post formats on this blog:
How To(s)
Fictional Interviews
Fictional News Stories
And pretty much whatever, else I might think up. With this brain of mine, you never know 🙂
I hope ya’ll love what you read and you can’t wait to come back!