Mixed Chicks vs Mixed Silk: The Ugly Side of Beauty!

Hey, So I was perusing the black hair media forum yesterday and I found this this thread: Mixed Chicks Lawsuit I really don’t know how I feel about this. I’m a bit bemused about it actually. Doesn’t Mixed Chicks know what’s up?

Sally’s is forever “genericing” somebody’s beauty products. That’s what they do.  I mean is Wen going to sue Hair One? Is Pureology going to sue Colorese? Really Mixed Chicks? Really? Hmmmmmm?

Maybe I do know how I feel. And the funny thing is, I used Mixed Silk and I took it back because it didn’t work for me. But I am so glad that I bought the Mixed Silk and not the Mixed Chicks. It would have been a lot more expensive and a lot harder to return….which is why methinks Mixed Chicks is so mad. Cheaper and less hassle always wins.

Basically they just need to get over it. These generic products just show how cheaply you can make these products and how much the brand names are ripping us off. So I say right on Sally. Right on.



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