New Year’s Hair Resolutions!


I don’t know about you but I get so excited every time a new year rolls around. It’s like a new born baby….a breath of fresh air…or like being born again. Yes, I’m being a bit dramatic but the new year always causes me to take inventory of my life and figure out how I can make this new year at least a little bit better than the last. This year on Naturally Relaxed Hair, I’m going to focus on getting healthy hair. yes, I’m well on my way but there are some things I want to pay specific attention to this year:

  • While my hair is at least twice as thick as it was when it was relaxed, I want to focus this year making it stronger. I want to see even less breakage this year than I did last year, even though I have already seen a great decrease in it since I went natural
  • Even though my hair feels really soft, I really want to work on retaining moisture in my hair so I can know that it is truly healthy
  • I also want to concentrate on the health of my scalp. i want it to be moisturized with no flakes or itchiness.
  • Last (literally and figuratively) but certainly not least, the ends of my hair will get a lot of more TLC this year. I want to protect them and treat them like the delicate fibers they are. They really need the most care and they usually get treated the worst out of all parts of my hair so I will give them the care that they deserve this year.

Well, that’s it, ya’ll. These are my so called New Year’s Hair Resolutions. How about ya’ll? What hair goals have you set for this year? What are some hair challenges that you want to overcome this year? Share them with me in the comment box and be sure to come back frequently and let me know how you are coming along! Oh and by the way…


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