Sultra Bombshell Curling Iron: An “Oh Really” Review


Dearest Readers,

Let me be straight with you…I’ve never used the Sultra The Bombshell. I’ve never heard of the Bombshell until recently. I hadn’t even heard of the company named Sultra until a few weeks ago. I’m not even sure if it’s the Bombshell Sultra, Sultra Bombshell, or the Sultra by Bombshell. And yet somehow none of this keeps me from giving ya’ll a review on this product anyway.

How can I review a product that I barely even know the name of?

How can I review a product that I barely even know the name of? Easy…because regardless of the actual name or company or whatever, I totally get the concept of what this new curling iron is supposed to do.

See what you do is section your hair like you would with a normal curling iron, wrap that section around the barrel of the curling iron, hold it there (with the pink glove provided), and then release and you will have those beachy, wavey type curls that are oh so hot right now.

The Sultra Bombshell’s Claim to Fame

The hook to this curling iron is that it doesn’t have a clamp so you don’t get indent-a-hair, as I call it, when you use a curling iron and the curl is cute on the bottom but mid way up hair shaft you have these indentions that look like curls gone wrong. With this curling iron, that won’t be a problem because their is no clamp to create the indentahead look.

My Problem With This Curling Wand

So what’s my beef with this curling wand? Ummm, maybe the fact that you can do the same exact thing with a standard curling iron and not be out of a $100 plus dollars. Question…do you have to use the clamp on a normal curling iron? No! You do not need a clampless curling iron. You can easily wrap your hair around a curling iron that has a clamp and get the same look.

So, please save yourself some money and don’t pay $100 for a curling iron when you can get one for way less (like the Jose Eber Curling Iron) and get the same look. Seriously, I’m not even lying.

Try it on your curling iron, the one you got at Target or Sally’s for $50 or less and tell me your curls don’t look amazing. Trust me on this.

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